Are you ready to look more  


confident ?

and become more

do you like what you are wearing now? 


Do you feel great about yourself and your style?

Does your style represents who you are?


Have you spend all morning going through your clothes just to realise again that you don’t like anything in your wardrobe to end up in the exactly the same outfit you were wearing for weeks because you have no idea how to add excitement to your closet?

catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror... and thinking you look really beautiful.

Imagine walking into a meeting, job interview or a date with a new feeling – feeling confident and happy about how you look.

What would it feel like to genuinely feel comfortable in your body, weight, shape?


What if you actually felt joy and confidence when you looked in the mirror and were proud of what you see?


What it would be like to feel happy and beautiful in your own body everyday?



There is a reason why certain women look great no matter what they wear- they know what clothes look flattering on them, they know how to combine fashion principles and rules of what works and what doesn’t with their personal taste and style. 

And now you can easily become one of these stunning and confident women! 

How..? Let me introduce online style course 

More Stylish, Beautiful and Confident You online course 

You will learn simple and actionable style tips, techniques and tricks that are highly coveted secrets of image consultants that they use when they are working with their celebrity clients, movie stars, TV personalities, models or others who have to look good for the living.


Module 1 - Discover Your Style Personality 

  • How to define your signature personal style

  • Understand your body’s unique beauty and shape

  • Why dividing our figures into different body shapes doesn’t work

  • How to dress the body you have to create the body you want

  • How to choose colours that suit you

Module 2 - Building Your Dream Wardrobe

  • How easily and quickly create outfits so that you would always look well put together, polished and stylish

  • My secret easy outfit style formula

  • How to wear colours

  • How to mix and match prints and patterns

  • How to create a capsule wardrobe

Module 3 - Dressing For Every Occasion 

  • Dress codes guidelines

  • What to wear during the job interview, on your first day at work and how to make sure you look professional everyday in the office

  • What to wear to weddings, theatre and cocktail parties

  • What to wear on the first date

  • What to wear when you are meeting your significant other’s parents

Module 4 - The Secret To Making Any Outfit Fabulous 

  • How to choose a pair of earrings which would enhance your best features

  • How to match necklaces to your outfit 

  • How to pick the perfect pair of shoes 

  • How to walk in high heels

  • What to consider when choosing an investment handbag 

  • How to asccessorise with belts, hats and scarfs

+ These Amazing Bonuses ($469 Value) 

Bonus 1 - Your Beauty Guide For Skin, Eyes and Lips 

Learn how to prepare your skin for make-up, how to make skin look flawless using different textures of foundations, shape eyebrows and enhance their beautiful shape, correct eye shapes, master eye make-up techniques that will draw attention to the most beautiful features of your face.

Bonus 2 - Conquer Your Fears and Turn Your Self-Doubt Into Confidence 

Learn how quickly and easily conquer your fears so you can gain confidence and reach your full potential. Discover 10 steps you need to take to become totally self-confident and learn how to interact with others with confidence and ease. 

Learn once and for all the foundations of fashion and principles of style so that you can use them for the rest of your life and finally feel and look stylish, beautiful and confident. 

More Stylish, Beautiful and Confident You online course 

($325 Value) 

Bonus 1 - Make-Up Manual 

($174 Value) 


Bonus 2- Confidence Building Training

($295 Value) 


Total ($794 Value) 




You Are Protected With 100% Risk-Free Guarantee 

I am Evelina, Style Expert and Career Coach

Through my career I helped hundreds of women to reach their style goals, whether they were changing jobs, starting a new career or wanted to change their style completely.

I am endlessly fascinated by how achieving the right image completely changes one's self esteem, and so I use my passion for style to make a real difference in people's lives.

There are too many unhappy women who are not feeling beautiful, simply because no one ever taught them how to use clothes to look and feel amazing and confident in the bodies they have.


There are too many women who pretend they don’t care how they look just because they don’t know how to look great and it’s easier to give up, then try and fail again.

And this is why I teach. My life goal is to teach and empower young women to create a style which would enable them to achieve their career goals and dreams.


You have a CHOICE to make – you can continue to feel lost and frustrated, doing what you’ve always done and hoping that it magically will get better. You can wait until you lose these few pounds or start a new job or start dating again or maybe save a little more money.


Or you can decide to learn about style and feel happy about yourself NOW! You can choose to learn once and for all the foundations of fashion and principles of style so that you can use them for the rest of your life and FINALLY 

feel and look stylish, beautiful and confident.

More Stylish, Beautiful and Confident You online course 


(you can learn anything you need to know about style from the comfort of your sofa)

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Make Up Training (2 hours video training, $174 value)
Confidence Building Training (2 hours video training, $295 value)

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